I believe quality photography is something that is taken for granted these days. Everybody has a camera, whether it be an SLR or on their phone. I believe photography is much more than just pointing and snapping. Photography to me is about creating mood, invoking emotion, and ultimately creating a connection with the audience. My aim for all assignments is to first understand the subject or product, and then create a story with the resulting images.

Arriving at a career in photography has been a creative journey for me, my background is in architecture and design for print. Taking photographs has always played a big part in my life both growing up and in previous roles. The old cliche, 'making a living doing something you love' has been a major driving force and like many artists I am constantly challenging myself to perfect my craft. My style is slick, clean and often vibrant opting for natural light where possible.

In my short time in the freelance domain I have worked for some key clients including the Isaac Theatre Royal, Morgan & Pollard Landscape Architects, Style Magazine and Abode Magazine. My focus is architecture and interiors, however I am also well versed in other areas including product photography, food and restaurant imagery and corporate events.

My Landscape and Art portfolio is a mix of surrealist black and whites to colourful landscapes. I love capturing the beauty of my country, Aotearoa. The South Island of New Zealand is my backyard, and I can think of no better place to explore with my camera and tripod.